UK: World Laughter Giggle Phone

Pete Cann aus England sammelt 10-Sekunden-Telefonlachen aus der ganzen Welt. Bisher hat er 190 Lacher aus 62 Ländern. Sein Ziel sind 1000 bis zum 2. Mai!
Macht mit!

The Final Edit from a week of sharing Laughter Yoga in the Laughter Yoga Community. HELP: I am trying to get 1000 people in the chain by Sunday 3rd May 2020. Full details on… Dr Madan Kataria supported the project and helped to catapult the Video to the World. BIG LOVE to everyone involved. #passthegigglephone#theroachcoach#cannedlaughter#worldlaughterday Visit for updates on the challenge and to send me your 10-second giggle phone.

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